Amber Lamps, seasoned punk-rock out of Astoria, Queens stream new album “On the Lamb”

amber lamps review on the lamb

Three piece punk-rock act, Amber Lamps are now streaming their brand new EP “On The Lamb,” which made its way to the streets last Friday, September 14th. Notorious for their soulful, and groovy riffs and peppery, seasoned punk rock, Amber Lamps have made quite the name for themselves in both their hometown of Astoria, Queens and beyond.

Before we go any further, “On The Lamb” absolutely deserves every ounce of attention from every punk, of all ages, everywhere. These guys seemed to have perfected the art of  taking the likable-ness and accessibility of pop punk and turning it into soulful, punchy, and raucous punk that drives a harder, and quite frankly, more like-able bargain than pop punk.

“Wanderlust” rolls in with an upbeat, and pop-like riff that suits the opening of the EP. “Catastrophe” taps into a blues-y swing rhythm which is the only track of this sound on the EP. If I had one last wish in the world, it would be to have an album full of tracks like this. “Catastrophe” hits me right in that sweet spot that tempts playing the track on repeat all day.

“Sola Catuli” expresses the softer side of Amber Lamps with an acoustic track. Vocals here seem to have a knack for delivering just the right amount of tone and energy for each track, and here we’re given a lullaby-like melody. As much as I love their drive in the previous tracks, this track is definitely my favorite purely for the stark contrast it shows from their traditional sound. Not only is it starkly different, but if given only this track, it is completely believable that this acoustic-signer-songwriter style is what they perform and record on a day to day basis.

“Hindered Spirits” slows it down just the tiniest touch, which is enough to give the EP closure and some structure to the flow of the six track procession. Out of all of the six tracks, this one seems to be of the most groove driven (along with “Catastrophe”) rather than tempo driven which is a good sound for these guys.

Amber Lamps absolutely nailed it on this EP, “On The Lamb.” For all of you craving that diggable, down and dirty punk– these guys should be number one on that list.

Make sure to stream the album below, and if you want to pick up the download you can do so here.


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