The Rebellion Lost (punk, alt-rock) stream new single “Out of Focus” off of upcoming fall EP

the rebellion lost

Our friends in The Rebellion Lost are now streaming their new title track off of their upcoming EP “Out of Focus.”

The Rebellion Lost consists of Tom (vocals and guitar), Sean (guitar), Jimmy Bou (drums). and Danny (bass). Hailing from Queens, NY these guys last released their Punch Drunk EP in 2017. Over the past year, these guys have been kicking around on tour and growing their fan base. You can check out the new track here!

“Out of Focus” definitely is a larger step away from Punch Drunk however what I quite enjoy about this track it has a very nostalgic, punchy, grunge-esque sound. The Rebellion Lost has always boasted unique, and authentic vocals and “Out of Focus” is no exception. The vocals are raw, and gritty which has been an overall theme for these guys as a general rule of thumb, and perhaps why I’ve always liked their sound. The guitar opens with a delightful, jiggy tune and proceeds into a verse that lyrically, and aurally is quite reminiscent of Weezer. Despite the fact that this is a step away from their previous sound, “Out of Focus” shows evolution and maturation as artists which is not only a good sign but promises a fabulous end to the rest of the EP. Each role in the band fits like a puzzle into the other, which can be hard to accomplish in some regards however it’s clear these guys worked very hard on their new track and it shows.

For now, I’ll have to wait until October 5th in order to get the rest of the EP but I will be sitting on the edge of my seat until then. For any of you New Yorkers, The Rebellion Lost will be playing their release show on October 4th to celebrate the EP at Gold Sounds. Buy tickets here!


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