REVIEW: “The Ever After” by A Ritual Circle, Edinburgh heavy rock

a ritual circle

Photo Credit to Waysted Photography.

A Ritual Spirit certainly delivered on their promise of heavy rock with “The Ever After.” Despite the fact that the track gave off impenetrable and dense riffs, it was not a home run for me. The intro of the track was definitely a great start– it was raucous, abrasive, and all things heavy which is exactly what I was expecting, however then it switched gears towards a more stripped down pre-chorus with only drums and vocals. In some regards I can see how this allows for balance in the track, however in my opinion the only thing it did was poke holes in the impenetrability that the outfit had created in the intro. These holes combined with a strangely sentimental lyrical quality seemed to create just more holes in the cohesion of the track. On the contrary, these guys had a pretty bangin’ solo right around the 2:30 mark and really delivered on their promise of heavy set music aside from their pre-chorus.

Rating: 5/10.




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