REVIEW: “The Ever After” by A Ritual Circle, Edinburgh heavy rock

a ritual circle

Photo Credit to Waysted Photography.

A Ritual Spirit certainly delivered on their promise of heavy rock with “The Ever After.” Despite the fact that the track gave off impenetrable and dense riffs, it was not a home run for me. The intro of the track was definitely a great start– it was raucous, abrasive, and all things heavy which is exactly what I was expecting, however then it switched gears towards a more stripped down pre-chorus with only drums and vocals. In some regards I can see how this allows for balance in the track, however in my opinion the only thing it did was poke holes in the impenetrability that the outfit had created in the intro. These holes combined with a strangely sentimental lyrical quality seemed to create just more holes in the cohesion of the track. On the contrary, these guys had a pretty bangin’ solo right around the 2:30 mark and really delivered on their promise of heavy set music aside from their pre-chorus.

Rating: 5/10.




REVIEW: “Cycle of Need” from Resin, melodic heavy rock out of Leicester, UK


After their first release of “Persecution Complex” and the addition of violinist, Emma Bennett, heavy and melodic rock outfit Resin hailing from the UK are ready to make waves. Their newest release “Cycle of Need” shows some serious promise.

“Cycle of Need” does a fantastic (and when I say fantastic I mean fantastic) job of incorporating different tones and pulling from other areas and combining that with a melodic, heavy rock. It is possible to do this adequately, however these guys really hit the mark on that. I wholeheartedly support the addition of Bennett to the outfit since throughout the album, her skillset becomes quite apparent and adds an otherworldly dimension. My largest complaint with this album is the vocals. With such a broad array of influences and notes and tones coming through on all the other respective parts of the track, I felt like the vocals were a little lackluster. The vocals could have brought more to the table, or maybe I simply felt this way because of the relative comparison but I just felt that if they had a tiny bit of an extra push these guys would have been a solid listen. Nonetheless, the vocals are rich and pull like molasses– they are not bad by any means and actually are quite reminiscent of Godsmack. I wish there was a but more oomph, but beggars can’t be choosers. Overall, this is a tight listen. I think that there is small room for improvement but a great showing up from these guys and I’m excited to see what they’ll bring to the table in the future.

Rating: 7/10

REVIEW: “Broken Love Song” by Life Against Time, melodic metal four piece hailing from the UK

life against time .jpg

Combining tonal progressions and earthly atmosphere, Life Against Time are pioneering their own take on ambience in melodic metal. Their new single “Broken Love Song” gives a taste of their combination of metal core-esque breakdowns, and dense riffs combined with a lighter take on vocals and melody. Overall I felt like this was a cleanly kept, and organized single that spoke to just classic, tried and true, riffs and breakdowns without being boring or repetitive and put their own spin on it.

The four piece has released two other singles so far in their discography, consisting of “What You Have” and “Surrender.”

Make sure to check out the new track here!