REVIEW: “Nothing In My Way” by Line of Fire, UK Groove Metal


What a bunch of groovy, groovy gents.

The Nottingham, UK based metal quartet did not disappoint with their fresh-off-the-ocean release of “Nothing In My Way.” These guys have conquered the melding of blues and rhythmic folk with metal– all into one 8 track wholesome piece.

“Nothing In My Way” opens up with “Gonna Get You” which is a rather heavy hitter in comparison to the other tracks on this release. The intro takes a nice solid steady pace to introduce the vocals which have both melodic and old school gruffness to it. This track definitely opens the album on the better end of things, and perks the interest as a listener immediately. This style of music is especially appealing to those who like metal but are not necessarily willing to go crazy in circle pits all day long. There is a steady rhythm and reason to all of these tracks which leave you full but not bloated. Unfortunately for me, the next three tracks fell a little bit short. “Falling From Grace,” “The Road Ahead,” and “Something Aint Right” all held that old time Western feel, but almost to a fault. They felt a bit cheesy with the vocals stressing certain areas and words that just felt a little one sided and underdeveloped. I don’t want to feel like the song is taking too long to end. That being said, I can certainly appreciate that they really went for it in regards to committing to the vibe and atmosphere of the album and everything really stuck to that in this album.

“Fuck Me” was absolutely my favorite track here. Albeit slower and heavier than the rest of the tracks, it certainly was a nice break from the norm and began to wrap up the album without stopping short. Ultra-groovy, ultra-riffy, and ultra-mahogany vocals satiate the inner need for pure aggression I think we all hide a little bit. “Wrong Side of The Tracks” really wraps this entire album up with its swinging and rolling riffs that seem to combine the old west and some of the harder elements of metal.

Overall, the production value on this album was good and I felt that the tracks delivered on their promise of groove metal. Despite my qualms with the middle three tracks after the first song, this is a solid listen and will definitely fill many many cups of tea.

Rating: 7 out of 10.


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