Vai Patri (pop) on debut single “Criminal”, plans for EP “Dynamite”


As a follow up to our review of Denver, CO native, Vai Patri’s release of her debut single, “Criminal” we invited her on to chat for a bit about the track. We are excited to have her back on, and will be hopefully seeing more of her in the future!

1. What inspired you to write this track? 

I wrote “Criminal” about four years ago, when I was 17! What inspired me to write the track was a lack of motivation (haha, note the irony). I was in a period of my life where everything felt impossible; I was struggling with depression and some other mental health issues. I think, internally, everything piled up so much that I finally burst – and in this explosion, “Criminal” was born. Writing this song was me fighting an internal battle. It was telling myself: “I am alive, creative, life is unwritten, and I can be what I want”. I strongly felt need to share this message with as many human beings as possible, so when I wrote this song, I knew it was going to be the one I released, and I knew it was going to be the first single from my E.P. “Dynamite.”


2. Are you hoping to put together a music video for “Criminal,” or any further production for this single? 


Absolutely. I am currently writing the music video for “Criminal”. I see it all in my head! I am currently working on putting together a team. The music video is going to focus on mental health issues and overcoming various struggles. There is going to be darkness and light, and it is going to be very realistic.


3. How has the feedback been so far? 
The feedback has been fantastic! A lot of people have been telling me that the song has resonated very deeply with them. I am so incredibly happy and proud. 



4. Are you planning for any release shows, or shows that listeners can watch out for with summer coming? 

I am planning for a release show as soon as “Dynamite” is finished! I am planning for something late August! I am very excited.


5. Finally, any more releases planned for this year that we can expect from you? 

“Dynamite” my E.P. will come out later, in August! The songs are very diverse! There’s a little bit of everything.

This is all we know right now about her exciting plans for her new EP, and a video coming but we will keep you all in the loop about anything else we find along the way!


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