REVIEW: “Criminal” by Vai Patri (pop) out of Denver, CO

vai patri

Denver’s newest emerging pop artist Vai Patri is gearing up to release her new single “Criminal” on April 27th. The 21 year old dubbed as, ‘a little girl with a big voice’ is making waves with her signature style promoting mental health awareness, as well as human and animal rights.

Patri has a remarkable set of pipes with a soothing and melodic transition between notes. The track is about feeling trapped in your own mind, and taking control of your life. The passion that courses through the track speaks volumes about Vai’s own love for music and the power of sound.

While unfortunately you all will have to wait until the release date to give this banging track a listen, we will be happy to have Vai on to chat about the upcoming release in the coming weeks so make sure to keep your eyes out for that!

Check out her current song “Let Live” which is her first ever single here!