Jesse RS (rock n’ roll) release video for “Baby Drink”, talk on future plans and video production

jesse rs
Denver based rock n roll four piece Jesse R.S. released their brand spankin’ new video for “Baby Drink” on August 5, and are looking to release another for “What We Want,” on September 9th. Check out what they had to say about their new video, and their upcoming plans below!
Photo credit to Joel Rekiel.
1. How would you describe your overall sound as a band?
We’ve wrestled with what the exact description of our sound really is for a long time now. The short answer is that we play rock & roll music. We draw influence from pop, jam band, funk, folk, latin, classical, country, bluegrass and more, which listeners have ultimately described as having a sound similar to the Dave Matthews Band. We’ve made the mistake of trying to throw in all of the many influences we use in our music when describing our sound in the past which make it sound like we’re all over the board, but the sound as a whole is rock & roll.
2. Where did the premise of the track “Baby Drink” come from?
I think many of us have had those late nights when we’ve had a little too much to drink and start thinking about someone that’s been on our minds and feel the urge to reach out to them, whether it’s the best idea or not, given the current state of mind. This song however is about the perspective from the other side. When you feel so strongly for someone that you don’t care when you hear from them or why. You’ll just take what you can get because even the smallest bit of that person’s presence is better than not having that person in your life at all.
3. How long did the shooting process of the video take, and who did you use for directing and producing?
The video was shot mostly in the span of a full day where we recorded the bar scene in the morning and early afternoon and shifted to the house party in the late afternoon and evening. A handful of the street scenes at night were revisited after primary shooting the following week. We hired Guillermo Roques as our director of photography and he handled all of the video camera work and some of the editing, but our frontman Jesse Sowards conceived, wrote, directed, produced and did the bulk of the editing for the entire video.
4. What was the thought process in doing a staggered release of three music videos for your album, “What We Want”?
The roll-out and eventual release of the album has been an evolving process for us. We wanted to give ample time between finishing up the album and music videos and the actual release of the full album to build up a bit of anticipation. The release of a single and music video each month leading up to the album release was to give the public a little taste of what they can expect when the full album becomes available.
5. How has the feedback been for the videos so far?
We’ve gotten positive feedback on the first two videos thus far. The release of the first video, “Gettin’ Down,” happened pretty quickly after we laid out the release schedule, so we weren’t able to get the exposure and hype behind it that we’d hoped, but when it was released, both friends, fans and industry colleagues seemed surprised and pleased at the product. We weren’t quite sure what to expect when we released “Baby Drink” due largely in part to the bit of a twist ending, but the feedback we’ve gotten has been overwhelmingly positive. People seem to really relate to the storyline Jesse laid out for that video.
6. What do you hope people take away from the message of this video?
For better or for worse, it seems the more common something is the more it’s accepted. Gay marriage wasn’t legal in this country in all 50 states until just two years ago. The discrimination against the LGTBQ community is still very much present today. With this video, we felt we had the opportunity to make some kind of impact, even if it is something as small as making what so many people in this world sadly believe to be wrong, more common. It’s prying open the tightly closed minds of those who still judge people for how they identify themselves so that one day it will be accepted everywhere on earth.
7. Are there any plans on the table for any further videos from the album?
Yes. We will be releasing a video for the title track “What We Want” on September 9, a week before the release of the album. Eventually, we’d like to produce videos for most, if not all of the tracks on the album. But that would be more of a long-term project.



Review: “It’s Always Winter Here” by Subtleties (alt rock/ pop punk) out of Albany, NY


“It’s Always Winter Here” EP Review

Subtleties out of Albany, NY have just released their new EP “It’s Always Winter Here” on July 28, 2017. The four track piece made quite an impression on me, packing a punch in a small set.

Opening with, “I’ll Probably Mess Up My Line” digs a nostalgic feel right off the bat, clocking in at four minutes and six seconds of comfortable, familiar sound. The track moves well, with well timed progression and does well to incorporate some mild screaming but just a hint. The outdo takes on a somber tone and fades out which gives the track a bit of closure and contrast from the immediate and grabbing intro of classic sound reminiscent of Taking Back Sunday and 30 Seconds to Mars.

“Who Knows?” channels a feeling of homesickness, and consistency. This track is definitely one of those ‘feel good’ songs that would quickly be a go-to song for when you’re down, with a simple but wholesome tone and lyrical content that is emotionally driven and relatable for most.

“Nobody” takes a quiet, wintery tone on it’s earthly melody with a swollen chorus and verses that buildup to the lifting points of the track. As the longest song on the EP at five minutes and twenty six seconds, as well as a previously released single, “Nobody” is a well rounded out taste of what Subtleties are all about.

“The Absence of Emotion” is a bit deceiving with it’s scream heavy and jarring opening, but then moves back into a sound more consistent with the past three songs. This track is the most weighted off the EP but makes an excellent finisher and is certainly quite memorable. It brings about a slightly more aggressive sound, which suits the versatility of this four piece and makes me curious to see what’s coming next from these guys.

Overall I would rate this album an 8.5 out of 10, as it establishes artist identity quite well and the sound appeals to a large audience as well as being a great finished product from a deserving band. This four piece is definitely one I would listen to again and again, and we strongly reccomend you give it a listen.

D.E.Z. (hardcore/goth rock influenced hip hop) streams newest track “Nightmare Incarnate”, speaks on musical influences and background


Dezmond Garnetto, currently out of Plainville, Mass (formerly Ithaca, NY) recently released his newest single “Nightmare Incarnate.” The three minute and sixteen second track strays from the punk and metal influences that dot Garnetto’s leisure time listening and venture into a hip hop based styling. We had the opportunity to speak with him about his background and about the new releases, scope it out below.

  • Where you find musical influences to create a piece like “Nightmare Incarnate”? “Cold World”?
    • When it comes to my influences tonally punk, hardcore and goth rock play a big part in the feel and atmosphere of my songs.
  • How long did production take you for both of those respective tracks?
    • My production time can vary drastically from song to song. I had been sitting on a unfinished “Cold World” ableton file for months while I worked on other projects. On the other hand “Nightmare Incarnate” was produced, mixed and mastered within three days.
  • Where are you based out of, and how long have you been creating music?
    • Currently I am based out of  Massachusetts to escape the distractions of the city. I’ve been creating music in some way for as long as I can remember, I’ve been playing guitar since I was 10 so my musical knowledge has been growing for over a decade.
  • What direction and genre are you hoping to take your musical stylings?
    • Personally I’ve have a very wide genre range from death metal to hip-hop and everything in between. Currently I’m working on recording a goth rock album for a friend of mine while putting together the format for my upcoming hip-hop album.
  • How did you initially become invested in creating music?
    • I had been a musician for many years before about a year ago when I decided it was time to begin recording and releasing music. The turning point for me [when I became much more invested in music] was when I met Michael Davis (Ithaca, NY) who peaked my interest in the production side of music.
  • What artists do you like to listen to in your free time?
    • On my free time I like to listen to allot of  NoFx and Rings Of Saturn when it comes to punk and metal. On the other hand when it comes to hip-hop I’m always listening to songs produced by Slick Mix.

Check out “Nightmare Incarnate” and “Cold World” below, and click here to listen to more of D.E.Z.’s work.