The Honest Heart of Mawule: recording and shooting process of “Anything” covering fatherhood and genuine love

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Simple, down-to-earth, and devoted are the characteristics that come to mind when you think of Ebenezer Yebuah, better known by his artist name, Mawule.

Born in Ghana and raised in Denver, Mawule’s honest heavy-hearted style of R&B resonates with modern day romantics and those seeking guidance while maneuvering complex barriers to romance.

Mawule’s  self-awareness shines through in the visual for his track “Anything,” where he gives listeners seemingly a tindr pitch summarizing himself and what he has to offer. He is a father who works hard to support his family and provide them with everything and anything they could want or need, and the existential you could be apart of this equation. The visuals are very moving depicting father’s playing a role in their children’s lives and connecting with them in meaningful ways.

So many times in minority communities are fathers ripped away from their families by illegal affiliation or overly aggressive law enforcement and this video depicts the importance of what is being taken away when this occurs. Valuable time spent and lessons learned between a father and his family. Relatable and honest depictions of a dishwasher working or Mawule asleep on the train home make him a very accessible artist. The message of the piece and the cinematography make up for the rather cliche installment backing his tenor vocals. Overall this is a solid piece from a genuine artist with no flaunt or fluff.


Denver based artist Mawule since 2013 has been recording and thinking (with BLDGBLKS Management, since 2009 with previous management) about the bigger picture while expressing thought pertaining to problems our society as a whole faces through his individual mix of pop, R & B, and melodic singer song writer. “My personal experiences, conversations with friends, their life experiences, are what influence me. At the end of the day I write music to empower people, and any life experience that tells a story and is meant to be put out there via music is what inspires me.”

When asked about the recording process of his new track that debuted a fresh new video, “Anything took me a whole day, on my Youtube right now I actually have a behind the scenes video. Part of the video is light and part is darkness, we started at 10 AM and didn’t finish until around midnight.”

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“This song is really just about genuine love,” Mawule explains when asked about the inspriation and premise behind the track. The track covers the all too true story of parents who expend their time working full time to make ends meet, while they are sacrificing time with their family to make that happen. “As a kid, I was pretty much the parent at night. I had to take care of my siblings when they were away at work. I tell my friends and stuff that we don’t really tell each other we love each other a lot because the sacrifices we make and the things we do for each other say that for us.”

“We wanted to be simple with it, and include fathers that are mentors to me and are grinding and doing good things for their family, so that’s why we have that montage at the end featuring friends and men of color we can look up to in terms of things they do for their family.”

“Our director [Mia] flew in from LA and we shot it over the weekend. And we were exhausted, like the scene with the train some of those we shot late at night like midnight. We captured as much as we could to really tell the story, and to stick to the two days but I really needed sleep after those two days.”

“I try to really paint a different picture with it [in terms of gender roles] I think there are a lot of people that still stick with it because that’s what they’re comfortable with but there are a lot of people that are straying outside of that, and in my relationships I make it very clear that I don’t believe in those gener roles. The more that we can show ‘hey you don’t need to align yourself with these gender roles’ then the more we can get outside the box of those gener roles.”

“Inspirations really it. Even just thinking about my life experiences, there were many times that I wanted to give up but I listened to music that empowered me and music that motivated me. I feel a responsibility as an artist that I make people feel the same way.”

Make sure to stream Mawule’s new video below!

Written by Lia Davis and Steven D’Alterio.



MAXDMYZ- “Alchemical Metal” Review


Classic metal inspired project MAXDMYZ and their new EP Alchemical Metal are bringing back old school vibes and head banging tunes for you jam out to in your car at that red light while you pretend no one is watching you, even though they definitely are. Signed to Renegade Records Lonodon, these guys have been kicking around since 2000.

“All to Hell” rounds off their self described influences of “Music, life events, history, unexplained phenomena, sex, alcohol, fetishes, religion, fine wallpaper, politics, important figures, subliminal messages, propaganda and stuff that generally really pisses us off!” Opening up mysterious, and downplayed, then packing on in a wind up for the heavy nature of this track and dense riffs, this song makes a fantastic open with very distinct vocals that borer the edge of a psychedelic sound.

“Ex-Deo” opens with a new age psychedelic sound, which then takes it’s time to drop down into a drum line and then into a riff which is heavier set, but with a slower tempo. The verses move slowly, and quietly, however setting the chorus up for their prolonged intensity. This track was my favorite off the EP for the reason being that it takes it’s time to set itself up through the entire track, while becoming increasingly more intense and anticipation rather than boring because nothing ever came of it.

“Down in the Dirt” opens with beach sounds and a bass line, which is significantly different that the past three tracks however the creative risk pans out. With a blues and jazz like feel, the song quickly pans out into an upbeat and flying pace that makes this song a track of extremes and antics. I’m sure this song is a crowd pleaser for live sets and overall is a great choice for the finisher.

As many of you know I am also a writer on Stencil Mag, which you can catch the full review of the EP on the June/ July issue which will be out at the end of July!

Supporting the Dogs; Herning, Denmark’s hard punk/ post hardcore three piece stream “Autumn Changed Us All”

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Hailing from across the pond, Supporting the Dogs are now streaming “Autumn Changed Us All” which made it’s debut on April 9 of this year. Mastered by James Paul Wisner (Hands Like Houses, As It Is, Paramore), the track makes excellent progression and is reminiscent of Three Days Grace; with a subtle heavier tone underneath.

The track takes a harder approach to melodic punk, and is available to stream below.